"On Aspiring:
Journey Beyond Courage"

Looking for the inspiration to discover your own strength? Then look no further than this
inspiring true story by Wendy Campbell.

Every reader finds at least one moment in this story that helps you to discover your own strength. Here you begin your journey to discover your real resilience.

 It is brilliantly written – your prose style is compact and impactful and flows beautifully.
As for the content, it is indeed inspirational. You touch the depths of human emotions and then fashion them for good.
It is a true work of art.
Thank you.
— John Shepherd

 A compelling true story, of sheer guts, determination, courage and trust. Wendy takes you on an exciting adventure where stepping outside your comfort zone is merely the first step! As you walk with Wendy, you learn of her daily challenges and how to conquer them. You’ll be left wondering what challenge lies around the next corner. A truly inspirational journey and is testament of what we are all capable of, once we put our minds to it. It’s one of those books that’s hard to put down.
— Michael Van Der Zanden

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Wendy's story has a theme song, touchingly written and sung by the superb singer and songwriter Jane LawsClick here to visit Jane's YouTube channel.


The mountainside disappeared vertically below me. Wind and clouds whipped and whirled about me, pulling me towards them, tugging at the rope that tethered me.

All those dreams of being here, all those hours of breathless training, all those times when I’d pushed myself to do what I thought I could never do as we’d climbed ever-upward — they were all behind me now. My wish to be part of the summit of Mount Aspiring drew me forward.

A knife edge bit into my gut, leaving searing pain in its wake.

Which way should I go?

My skin burned as if in a fever despite the wind’s chill.

Who would I find, when I got to the top?

Tears stung my eyes before the wind blew them away.

Would that dark weakness inside, that had always surfaced at the hardest times, that had held me in its thrall all my life, finally overcome me?

Here where there was no hiding place?


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I hope your book continues to be an inspiration to all who read it.


I finished your book last night – just wonderful, but bittersweet in the end. I’m reading 3 books at once, but kept returning to yours xx.


Much appreciated the opportunity to read ‘On Aspiring’ — an amazing story indeed.


This is fabulous. It captures the joy of living.
Go out into your garden and look at an ant nest. The ants are working away for the survival of their species. Each individual ant will die. Does it know that its life was meaningful? Maybe.
This book is about how some humans go beyond working to preserve our species, and try and produce something beautiful.


This story is universally appealing; a quest through many obstacles; a true hero’s journey.


Wendy, I thought your book was very special and I admire your courage in writing it. …I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed sharing the experience with you.


And what a great read your book is. So glad you shared your story.


A great story – told well.


It’s riveting – I couldn’t put it down. I’d recommend this story to anyone who seeks inspiration to tackle their own challenges.


A powerful journey – a moving love story.

Writing WA's 'Love to Read Local', January 2017

On Aspiring is Wendy's ‘heart on sleeve’ memoir of her quest to overcome deep-seated psychological fears and significant physical health issues to achieve a personal goal – to reach the summit of one of New Zealand’s premier technical climbs, Mt Aspiring. While much of the book is given to the story of ‘before’ and ‘after’, readers with their own personal experience of climbing are likely to respond most strongly to the passages describing Wendy's challenging time on the mountain. On Aspiring is ultimately a book that will resonate with readers who are seeking motivation in their own lives and who are open to finding inspiration in the determination and success of another.


Superb story of overcoming adversity and discovering the self.


Wendy’s strength in the face of adversity is very similar to Sara Henderson’s. It’s uncanny.


A great read. Engaging, difficult to put down.


Lyrical - how we find peace and the sublime when alone with nature.


Beautiful imagery.